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What are the considerations for giving PCC before an urgent surgery / procedure?


The general considerations for giving PCC for warfarin reversal include:

Consider the urgency of the procedure and the risk of bleeding:

  • Procedures that are elective should be reversed with vitamin K alone. A meta-analysis demonstrates that ~75% of all patients treated with oral vitamin K reach target INRs at 24 hours post-administration. Vitamin K given IV works within 4-8 hours.
  • PCCs must be given within 6 hours of the urgent procedure. Practically, it's best to order it to be given directly pre-operatively (along with antibiotics, factors, etc.) due to its fast onset of action and short duration of effect (6 hours) unless pre-operative bleeding

Potential contraindications to PCCs:

  • See question # 7


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A practical, evidence-based guide for front-line physicians on how to treat acquired bleeding